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Conversational marketing chatbots for first-party data win

Thursday November 25, 2021. 09:00 AM , from Mac 911
Data has been a hot topic for many years now, with everyone from individuals to corporations paying attention to this important space. For marketers in particular, attaining consumer data is top of mind, as this intel is key for everything from lead generation to driving revenue. On the other hand, consumers are savvier than ever and are demanding their privacy (or at least some power over it). 

What’s more, regulations like the EU’s GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) and Google’s decision to eliminate cookies from Chrome (that’s 60% of the browser market share) have introduced new hurdles for companies trying to reach customers. 

Now, leading marketers are turning to conversational marketing to not only circumvent these obstacles but also create meaningful communications that let consumers share data about themselves. These organizations are employing Spectrm, the conversational marketing automation platform changing the chatbot game.  

Conversational marketing makes data more attainable 

Spectrm is a platform that brands use to build engaging, conversational chatbots, which help reduce manual labor while providing a fast and enjoyable consumer experience. These chatbots can do everything from acquiring customers to helping them make a purchase and even upselling them with curated, recommended items. 

By enabling conversational marketing via the bots, customers can directly share information; this triggers a pleasant and personalized experience for them and a data feedback loop that is marketing gold. In sum, with conversational marketing, you’re continuously learning and understanding what consumers want, directly from the source.

The imperative for first-party data 

Getting first-party data ensures you’re following regulations and respecting the overarching consumer desire for privacy – all while collecting meaningful information that enhances the customer experience and your marketing performance (not to mention your revenue). With the continuing rollout of products that help consumers keep their data safe, the old way of doing things is becoming obsolete. For example, Apple’s iOS 14 – with new privacy features that give users the power to control how apps access their data (location, camera, mic, etc.) – is already running on nearly 75% of all Apple devices. Now’s the time to invest in a top-performing conversational marketing solution.

What your social media strategy is missing 

Now that we’ve established the urgency, let’s look at another important feature that Spectrm underscores: reaching your customers where they like to spend their time. Case in point: the Spectrm platform allows for building bots that work on Facebook Messenger (the #1 messaging app in the U.S.) and Instagram, the perfect setting for conversational marketing. 

As the BetterMe team’s testimonial notes, Spectrm for Facebook Messenger provides a chance to start conversations before a prospective customer comes to your site or app. They explained, “The chatbot on Messenger allows us to engage customers instantly and add value to them personally at a much earlier stage in our marketing funnel.” 

On the Instagram front, keep in mind that customers use this channel to find trusted product information and engage with brands (engagement is 10x higher on Instagram than Facebook, FYI). As 75% of consumers prefer to engage brands via private messaging channels versus traditional channels, so you’d be smart to automate your DMs. 

The bottom line

Considering that 92% of top marketers believe that first-party data is crucial to growth, conversational marketing is set to be a strategic imperative in the coming years. With Spectrm, you know you’re staying GDPR compliant as you utilize AI to automate FAQ responses, provide personalized answers and gather data that is crucial to your targeting and audience segmentation success. 

Get ahead of the game and explore the new marketing channels and revenue opportunities Spectrm can help you unlock.

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