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It looks like Apple will kill off the venerable iPod touch and 4-inch iPhone SE

Friday March 22, 2019. 09:44 PM , from Mac Daily News
“Apple’s week of new products has been a lot of fun. First we got iPads, then an iMac, then AirPods,” Sascha Segan writes for CNET. “On Twitter, though, I’m seeing people longing for the most beloved Apple gadgets the company is unlikely to improve: the iPod touch and iPhone SE.”
“Both products hit a bunch of sweet spots not found in other Apple devices. The iPod touch is an entry-level iOS device for kids, which also appeals to ‘disconnectors’ who don’t want to pay for smartphone service plans. The iPhone SE is a petite, portable way to enjoy iOS and communication without getting too sucked in, and it fits into tight pants,” Segan writes. “But these devices get people into iOS with a low entry price, and that’s a big problem for Apple.”
“Here’s some sneaky math for you. Apple can raise average selling prices two ways: by selling more expensive devices or by canceling less expensive ones,” Segan writes. “And Apple isn’t casting away the market of people who don’t have $400. Apple has an answer for these folks, a sneaky one that doesn’t affect ASPs: used iPhones.”
Read more in the full article here.
MacDailyNews Take: C’est la vie … et la mort.
Death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. — Steve Jobs
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