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Monday March 18, 2019. 08:16 PM
It’s a shame the comic book industry seems set on becoming increasingly insular because theoretically there’s never been an easier time to get into comic books. Superhero movies are the biggest cultural events […] The post Geek Pick: Comixology Is Still Netflix for Comics...
    Geek - Mar 18, 08:16 PM
J.K. Rowling recently made a statement about the gay relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald and some of the movie’s fans aren’t thrilled about it. Rowling recently discussed the pair in a feature that was […] The post J.K. Rowling Is Under Fire for...
    Geek - Mar 18, 07:55 PM
Japan’s space agency said on Monday that its Hayabusa-2 spacecraft, which landed on the asteroid Ryugu in February, will drop an explosive on the asteroid to make a crater and collect underground samples for […] The post Japan’s Hayabusa-2 to Drop Explosive on Asteroid...
    Geek - Mar 18, 07:48 PM
Apex Legends is a huge hit, to say the least. Finally getting the success developer Respawn deserved after Titanfall 2, the sci-fi battle royale shooter has racked up over 50 million players since its surprise […] The post Octane Joins ‘Apex Legends’ in First Season Battle...
    Geek - Mar 18, 06:49 PM
Locals were mystified after a strange “whirlpool hole” in the sky appeared over UAE and Oman this weekend. Images and videos posted to Twitter and Facebook show a large circular patch in the […] The post Strange ‘Whirlpool Hole’ in the Sky Spotted Over UAE and Oman appeared...
    Geek - Mar 18, 05:09 PM
Following its successful Crew Dragon mission, SpaceX is ready to work on another major project: the Starship, which will have high-tech heat shields. On Sunday, Elon Musk posted a video of a Starship […] The post SpaceX Conducts Fiery Tests for Starship’s Heat Shields...
    Geek - Mar 18, 04:58 PM
Although I like my iPad Air a lot, I haven’t upgraded it since the lightweight tablet first launched in 2013. I just think tablets, unlike smartphones and real computers, are luxury items. But […] The post Apple Updates iPad Air, iPad Mini For First Time in Years appeared...
    Geek - Mar 18, 04:51 PM
Marine biologists were stunned to find that a dead male Cuvier’s beaked whale that washed up in the Philippines had ingested more than 80 pounds of plastic bags. The D’Bone Collector Museum in […] The post Dead Whale Found With More Than 80 Pounds of Plastic Bags in Its...
    Geek - Mar 18, 04:10 PM
Voice assistants have a gender problem. Whether Siri is reciting a recipe, Alexa is describing the weather, or Cortana is outlining your schedule, artificial intelligence is everyone’s Girl Friday. But that may soon […] The post World’s First Genderless Voice Assistant Needs...
    Geek - Mar 18, 04:09 PM
The Simpsons has been on for so long that even I’m running out of jokes/complaints about how long The Simpsons has been on. Just a few weeks ago, after the cathartic thrill of […] The post Finally, a ‘Simpsons’ Esports Episode appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 18, 03:48 PM
NASA recently detected a massive fireball explosion over the Bering Sea and it’s the second largest of its kind in 30 years. The blast, which occurred when a huge space rock exploded in […] The post NASA Detects Giant Meteor Explosion Over Bering Sea appeared first on...
    Geek - Mar 18, 03:42 PM
Human athletes won’t be the only spectacles at next summer’s Olympic Games. As part of the aptly named Tokyo 2020 Robot Project, the organizing committee introduced a team of androids designed to assist […] The post Tokyo Introduces Support Robots for 2020 Olympics appeared...
    Geek - Mar 18, 03:07 PM
Guinness World Records certified a gunmetal disc excavated from the wreck site of a Portuguese Armada ship as the earliest known example of a mariner’s astrolabe. Believed to have been made between 1496 […] The post Earliest Known Mariner’s Astrolabe Earns Guinness World...
    Geek - Mar 18, 01:49 PM
Ask a human to hang a mug by its handle on a hook, and they won’t hesitate. Ask a robot to carry out the same task, and you’ll be waiting a long while. […] The post Dexterous MIT Robot Picks Up, Puts Down Objects It’s Never Seen Before appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 18, 12:53 PM
Sunday March 17, 2019. 11:00 PM
Identity theft is on the rise. Don’t want to be added to the growing list of victims? Then protect your privacy online with the Anonabox PRO Tor and VPN Router, discounted by 29 […] The post Protect Your Privacy With the Anonabox PRO Tor and VPN Router appeared first on Gee...
    Geek - Mar 17, 11:00 PM
Most autonomous vehicles require great weather and clear roads to function, which means they can’t drive during certain, less pleasant times of the year. But a new robot bus has been designed to […] The post World’s First All-Weather Autonomous Bus Rolls Out in Finland...
    Geek - Mar 17, 10:50 PM
Fifty-year-old frozen semen from a ram, believed to be the oldest in the world, is still achieving high fertility rates, according to researchers. The semen, stored in a laboratory in Sydney, was defrosted […] The post World’s Oldest Semen, Frozen for 50 Years, Successfully...
    Geek - Mar 17, 07:54 PM
Wildlife officials recently discovered two bear cubs along a California highway and they believe that the young animals might have been illegally separated from their mother. California Department of Fish and Wildlife investigators are analyzing […] The post Bear Cubs...
    Geek - Mar 17, 03:45 AM
A California town is suing the owner of a bizarre Flintstone House after she reportedly violated local codes with her dinosaur sculptures and landscape changes. The town of Hillsborough, which dubbed the quirky home […] The post Town Finds Quirky ‘Flintstone House’ Annoying...
    Geek - Mar 17, 01:46 AM
Saturday March 16, 2019. 08:55 PM
Sure, they get you from point A to point B, and sometimes across massive bodies of water, but bridges are also incredible marvels of engineering. But while some are designed with pure utility […] The post These Are the World’s 12 Weirdest Bridges appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 16, 08:55 PM
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