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Monday May 21, 2018. 02:00 PM
Ubisoft’s The Crew did something original when it released late in 2014. It took the idea of an open world racing game to its logical conclusion by allowing players to race across a […] The post Transform and Roll Out: An Interview The Crew 2’s Julien Charpentier appeared...
    Geek - May 21, 02:00 PM
Sunday May 20, 2018. 08:00 PM
You know Daleks and Davros and Missy the Master, Angels and Silence hell-bent on disaster. But do you recall the most underrated Doctor Who villains of all? Each week, I will dig into […] The post ‘Doctor Who’ Underrated Villain of the Week: Zygon appeared first on
    Geek - May 20, 08:00 PM
Want to impress your friends with your erudite ways? Eager to utter completely vicious phrases that people will have to look up later? Looking for a more educated way to talk trash online? […] The post The Most Badass Latin Phrases appeared first on
    Geek - May 20, 06:00 PM
The seventh season of Once Upon a Time was a weird outlier. Meant to be the beginning of a whole new set of seasons, it turned into an uneven epilogue. Season Seven was very much Once […] The post Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect Show...
    Geek - May 20, 04:00 PM
Saturday May 19, 2018. 06:00 PM
It’s an exciting time to be alive, as the march of human progress is moving at seemingly impossible speeds. We’re curing diseases, connecting minds and reshaping the world we live in, and seemingly […] The post Scientific Breakthroughs That Turned Out To Be Totally Bogus appe...
    Geek - May 19, 06:00 PM
The Merc with a Mouth rose from humble origins as just another small-footed badass in the pages of Rob Liefeld’s X-Force to become one of Marvel’s most popular characters primarily because of his […] The post The Weirdest And Worst Deadpool Fan Art appeared first on
    Geek - May 19, 04:00 PM
Friday May 18, 2018. 11:00 PM
Astronomers observed a rare laser emission that indicates a double star system is hidden inside the Ant Nebula. The phenomenon is connected to the death of a star, and was discovered by the […] The post Rare Cosmic Laser Show Reveals Details of Binary Star System appeared...
    Geek - May 18, 11:00 PM
It’s that time of the year again, almost time for a new Star Wars movie. Really, any time of the year these days is almost time for a new Star Wars movie. Just […] The post GEEK PICK OF THE DAY: Star Wars Black Series Supreme Leader Snoke appeared first on
    Geek - May 18, 10:00 PM
A great way to keep yourself excited about the future of video games as a medium is remind yourself it can be an actually vibrant cultural art form, not just an endless deluge […] The post The Kids’ Video Games Are All Right at NYU Game Center Student Showcase appeared...
    Geek - May 18, 09:00 PM
Who run the world? Robots. But also girls. Research suggests women are better positioned to ride out the rise of the machines—and may even benefit from it. Luckily for the ladies, predominantly female-led […] The post Working Women May Catch a Break During the Robot...
    Geek - May 18, 08:00 PM
Season Four of Gotham didn’t have the best final stretch, but overall was a very strong season. The new Ivy was kind of a miss, but the show more than made up for it […] The post Gotham Closed Out its Season with More Villains than Ever appeared first on
    Geek - May 18, 07:00 PM
Is Deadpool 2 good? Yes! Is it better than the first Deadpool? It’s a lot messier and less consistent than the first, but I also feel like it’s a lot funnier because it’s actually […] The post MovieBob Reviews: DEADPOOL 2 appeared first on
    Geek - May 18, 06:00 PM
The design of the standard video game controller hasn’t changed much in nearly 20 years. While the modern controller works well for most, they aren’t always ideal for folks with physical limitations. Over […] The post Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller Helps Gamers With...
    Geek - May 18, 05:00 PM
Goosebumps, goose pimples, gooseflesh: Whatever you call them, the lumps that involuntarily appear on the skin can signal a person’s emotions—fear, euphoria, arousal. They can also have the same effect on robots. A […] The post Robots Get Goosebumps, Too appeared first on...
    Geek - May 18, 04:00 PM
The vast supply of electricity required to mine bitcoin is as contested as this weekend’s royal wedding. The energy-hungry cryptocurrency demands huge amounts of power to process peer-to-peer financial transactions. (Similarly, Meghan and […] The post Bitcoin Mining Puts...
    Geek - May 18, 03:30 PM
Science fiction has a habit of turning into science fact. Usually, that’s because a good sci-fi writer has some level of scientific knowledge, or at least interest. They can look at where the […] The post 10 Movies that Helped Create Real Technology appeared first on...
    Geek - May 18, 03:00 PM
After eight years and more than 300,000 sold, the Nissan Leaf remains one of the most popular electric cars around. Now it’s helping to spark an energy revolution in the U.K. Like Tesla, […] The post Nissan’s Recycled Leaf Battery Solar Kits On Sale For $10k appeared first...
    Geek - May 18, 02:00 PM
After wishing and hoping and dreaming and punching a few enemies to death out of pure frustration that One Punch Man season 2 isn’t out yet, fans can breathe a sigh of relief. […] The post Viz Media Snags the Rights to One Punch Man Season 2 appeared first on
    Geek - May 18, 01:00 PM
Thursday May 17, 2018. 11:00 PM
I can’t leave for a weekend without fearing I’ve forgotten to pack something important. Never send me to space. A NASA astronaut became a meme this week when, during a simulcast spacewalk, he […] The post NASA Astronaut Stumped by GoPro Camera appeared first on
    Geek - May 17, 11:00 PM
If your current gaming PC is starting to feel old, now’s a good time to invest in a brand new rig. You can pick up a six-core CyberPower Gamer Xtreme tower with a […] The post Geek Deals: 6-Core Gaming Desktop for $800, Business Class ASUS Laptop under $500, and more...
    Geek - May 17, 10:15 PM
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