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Friday March 22, 2019. 11:41 AM
It’s time to change your Facebook (and Facebook-adjacent-apps) password. Security researcher Brian Krebs on Thursday revealed that “hundreds of millions” of user passwords have been stored in plain text—easily searchable by social network […] The post Oops: Facebook Stored...
    Geek - Mar 22, 11:41 AM
The Oculus Rift arguably kicked off this modern era of virtual reality gaming we’re currently in. It also gave us Palmer Luckey but nobody’s perfect. And at GDC the Facebook subsidiary announced its latest […] The post Hands-On: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Is Totally Good...
    Geek - Mar 22, 02:00 AM
Thursday March 21, 2019. 11:30 PM
Need a new gaming monitor? This 27-inch model from LG enjoys a Full HD resolution, FreeSync support for a smooth presentation, and motion blur reduction for just $149. Courtesy of our partners at […] The post Geek Deals: 27-Inch LG FreeSync Gaming Monitor only $149, $60 off...
    Geek - Mar 21, 11:30 PM
People in downtown Los Angeles were mystified by what appeared to be a flaming fireball streaking across the sky during Wednesday night’s supermoon, but the “meteor” turned out be a team of daredevil […] The post Watch: ‘Human Meteor’ Streaks Above Los Angeles During the...
    Geek - Mar 21, 11:09 PM
Animal keepers at Smithsonian’s National Zoo recently witnessed an adorable sight when a baby wallaby peeked out of its mom’s pouch for the first time. The joey, which has been inside its mom’s […] The post Watch: Baby Wallaby Pokes Head Out of Mom’s Pouch for First Time...
    Geek - Mar 21, 10:58 PM
It sounds straight out of a Disney movie. Scientists found a way to get two different animal species — fish and bees — in two different locations to communicate with each other and […] The post Scientists Use Robots to Get Bees and Fish to ‘Talk’ to Each Other appeared...
    Geek - Mar 21, 09:56 PM
Carbon monoxide could be harmful to humans, however, a new study suggests that this poisonous gas might be important for extraterrestrial life. The study, which was published in Astrophysical Journal, focuses on carbon […] The post Poisonous Gas Could Be a Sign of Alien...
    Geek - Mar 21, 09:45 PM
While the usefulness of other kinds of “video game” variations of everyday items may vary (who really needs a chair just for gaming?) the idea of glasses for tech enthusiasts is deeper than […] The post Geek Pick: Gunnar Haus Computer Glasses Are High-Tech Eye Safety...
    Geek - Mar 21, 09:17 PM
I’ve never been a fan of survival or roguelike games. Having to scrounge around for items gets monotonous, as does unexpectedly dying and having to essentially start over again. The need to keep […] The post ‘Skyhill’ Is a Roguelike for People Who Don’t Like Roguelikes...
    Geek - Mar 21, 09:00 PM
The last season of Game of Thrones is almost here and HBO just posted a subtle image that might reveal the fate of some Iron Throne contenders. On Thursday, the Game of Thrones […] The post ‘Game of Thrones’ New Season 8 Art Shows Mysterious Iron Throne appeared first on...
    Geek - Mar 21, 08:15 PM
The longer it’s gone on, the clearer it’s become that the longest-term plan the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly had was to only look like anything was actually long-term planned. Rather than being trapped trying […] The post MovieBob’s 11 Best ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theories...
    Geek - Mar 21, 08:12 PM
A massive, 800-pound bison in North Carolina is going viral online after she did a crazy “happy dance” to celebrate the first day of spring. On Thursday, North Carolina Zoo posted a 48-second […] The post Watch: 800-Pound Bison Does Crazy ‘Happy Dance’ on First Day of Spring...
    Geek - Mar 21, 05:48 PM
Is this going to be an annual thing now? Are we going to get a new musical episode every season on Riverdale? Because if so, no complaints here. I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Carrie: The […] The post ‘Riverdale’ Season 3, Episode 16 Recap: Letting the Theatre Kids Out...
    Geek - Mar 21, 04:52 PM
Glaciers on Mount Everest are rapidly melting and expedition officials are worried about the number of climbers’ bodies that are becoming exposed across the cold landscape. Since the first Mount Everest ascent attempt, […] The post Melting Glaciers Expose Dead Bodies on...
    Geek - Mar 21, 04:45 PM
For decades, it was a major tourist attraction in Chile, a booming summer playground where families came to sail, windsurf, and jet ski. Now, all that’s left in Lake Aculeo, located 45 miles […] The post Before and After Photos: Drought Wipes Chilean Lake From the Map...
    Geek - Mar 21, 04:17 PM
Growing up, I wanted to be like Alex Mack—an ordinary teenager who could shoot electricity from her fingertips and morph into a blob of goo. Science is no closer to making my childhood […] The post ‘Terminator’-Like Liquid Metal Moves, Stretches appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 21, 04:03 PM
Online car buyers have an alternative, high-tech option for pick up: Carvana’s “car vending machine,” a giant structure that automatically brings down vehicles. On Thursday, Carvana, an online car site, is opening another […] The post Watch: Pick Up Used Cars at This Giant,...
    Geek - Mar 21, 03:27 PM
Speeding, intoxication, and distraction are primary traffic safety concerns. And since Volvo already addressed the first with a new top speed limit, the Swedish automaker is moving on to the next two. In […] The post Volvo Adds In-Car Cameras to Monitor Drunk, Distracted...
    Geek - Mar 21, 03:07 PM
This week sees the release of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, a compendium of two dozen arcade games from the remarkably durable Japanese studio. If you know SNK, it’s probably because of their fighting […] The post How SNK Poached ‘Street Fighter’ Creators and Started the...
    Geek - Mar 21, 03:00 PM
Researchers have studied the impact of music on the human brain for centuries. But only recently has anyone considered how harmonized sounds affect the maturation of cheese. Students at Switzerland’s Bern University of […] The post Study: Cheese Tastes Different Based on...
    Geek - Mar 21, 02:19 PM
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