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Thursday June 27, 2019. 11:20 PM
Pre-saving albums on Spotify can give music labels access to personal user data like emails addresses and playlists, according to a Billboard report. From a report: To pre-save music, which adds a release to a user's library as soon as it comes out, Spotify users click...
Enlarge / Donald Trump. (credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Twitter's rules state that 'you may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people.' So when US President Donald Trump tweeted in January 2018 that he had a 'nuclear button' that was 'much bigger...
Jony Ive, Apple's longtime design chief and the creator of countless iconic designs, is leaving the firm to form his own agency. Apple will be his first client. “After nearly 30 years and countless projects, I am most proud of the lasting work we have done to create a...
Ive will create his own design company, with Apple as a client.
With so many video game “remakes” these days just being HD remasters of the original games, it’s nice to see more developers going back to their old classics and totally reimagining them from […] The post Hands-On: ‘Link’s Awakening’ Switch Remake Is a Gorgeous...
    Geek - Jun 27, 11:10 PM
We will never know for certain what more Desmond Amofah wanted to communicate—but we can hazard a guess.
Enlarge (credit: Malwarebytes) An ongoing operation that’s installing ransomware and other malware on the computers of unsuspecting website visitors is one of the most potent drive-by attack campaigns researchers have seen in recent memory. The attacks install three...
Pollution can negatively impact the tiniest creatures on Earth: A woman in Florida captured a photo of a mama bird feeding its chick a cigarette butt on the beach and the moment is […] The post Mama Bird Feeds Chick a Cigarette Butt in Heartbreaking Photo appeared first on...
    Geek - Jun 27, 10:57 PM
Plus: Barristers spar amid reading comprehension test Autonomy Trial Former Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch oversaw the launch of what was purported to be a new product line in order to fraudulently pad its revenues, HPE’s lawyers have alleged.…
Reader Iwastheone shares a report: There have been some bugs and issues with Microsoft's Windows 10 May Update/1903 feature update since Microsoft kicked off its rollout in late May. But the 1903 complaint I've gotten most often (so far) is from users who want to install the ...
Enlarge / The exterior of Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) An 'especially aggressive' nonprofit hospital system in Memphis that made $86 million after expenses in 2018 and pays virtually no taxes has spent years relentlessly suing...
Enlarge / John Carmack (left) and John Romero (second from right) pose with their id Software colleagues in the early '90s. We really hope USA Network's adaptation of their origin story gets this 'fashion' just right. (credit: John Romero) We've seen our share of video...
The Dragonfly mission will spend two years flying around the surface of Titan, studying the moon’s composition and searching for signs of life.
LinkedIn this week announced algorithm changes made over the past 12-18 months to favor conversations in its Feed that cater to niche professional interests, as opposed to elevating viral content. From a report: Users may have noticed that their notifications or engagements...
With Pokemon: Detective Pikachu finally proving that a truly excellent video game movie can exist, now it’s time to wonder when video games will inspire some good old-fashioned prestige television. It’s already starting to […] The post ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ and ‘Masters...
    Geek - Jun 27, 09:53 PM
Beloved readers, cherished readers, faithful, I fear I must confess something to you all, much as it may pain me to do: I am not as strong as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. […] The post Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s New Training Shoe Is Awesome appeared first on Geek.c
    Geek - Jun 27, 09:47 PM
NASA’s Spitzer Telescope recently observed a whirlpool galaxy and it looks like a cosmic Andy Warhol print. The multipanel image shows Messier 51 and NGC 5194/5195, a pair of galaxies that are distorting and […] The post NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Spots Whirlpool ‘Warhol’...
    Geek - Jun 27, 09:38 PM
Hackers working for Western intelligence agencies broke into Russian internet search company Yandex in late 2018 deploying a rare type of malware in an attempt to spy on user accounts, Reuters reported Thursday, citing four people with knowledge of the matter. From the...
Windows giant cheered on by Linux Foundation as it seeks membership of private security-focused message board Microsoft's transformation into a fully paid-up member of the Linux love-train continued this week as the Windows giant sought to join the exclusive club that is the ...
COMPANY ANALYSIS: Although VMware isn’t always at the top of cloud computing pioneer lists, its cloud roots and pedigree are as deep as any vendor’s can be.
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