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Tuesday April 30, 2019. 09:15 PM
Bigfoot might have had a cross-continental journey: On its official Twitter account, the Indian Army claimed it found “Yeti footprints” in the Himalayas of Nepal and social media users had a lot of […] The post Indian Army Claims It Found Mysterious ‘Yeti Footprints’...
    Geek - Apr 30, 09:15 PM
There have been eleven main Mortal Kombat games. Can you believe it? The 90s were that long ago. Since then the fighting game has become a gory institution as colorful ninjas and sorcerers […] The post ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Kharacter Guide: Scorpion appeared first on
    Geek - Apr 30, 09:00 PM
A day after Disney’s superhero blockbuster Avengers: Endgame took home a record-breaking $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office, Sen. Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to criticize Disney CEO Bob Iger’s salary and […] The post Bernie Sanders: Disney Should Use ‘Avengers:...
    Geek - Apr 30, 08:45 PM
It may seem like a small thing, but a little good lighting can go along way toward enhancing your experience with pretty much anything. Lighting sets the mood and can put you in […] The post Geek Pick: Philips Hue Play Light Bar Lights Up Your Media appeared first on...
    Geek - Apr 30, 08:44 PM
Whatever your thoughts are on virtual reality (for me the best it’s really good for is quick cardboard gimmicks) you can’t deny that Valve has been all in trying to push the tech […] The post Valve Index Is a Powerful VR Headset, Even Without ‘Half-Life’ appeared first...
    Geek - Apr 30, 07:54 PM
Game of Thrones latest episode was a memorable one (warning: spoilers to follow), where fans witnessed the the death of the Night King, one of the Iron Throne contenders who had a good […] The post Photos Show Night King’s Chilling ‘Game of Thrones’ Transformation appeared...
    Geek - Apr 30, 06:50 PM
It’s one of the deadliest creatures on Earth: The infamous box jellyfish developed its powerful venom to be so overpoweringly painful, human victims have been known to go into shock or die of […] The post Antidote to Deadly Box Jellyfish Venom Discovered With CRISPR Genome...
    Geek - Apr 30, 06:05 PM
I think most millennial stereotypes are dumb if only because the idea of “generations,” grouping together huge swathes of vastly different people just based on the vague time frame in which they were […] The post Samsung’s Vertical TV Is What We Deserve appeared first...
    Geek - Apr 30, 05:58 PM
Pluto used to be considered a “regular planet” by astronomers until 2006, when its status was downgraded to “dwarf planet.” On April 29, experts live streamed a discussion on the matter, and interestingly […] The post Pluto Debate Sheds Light on Challenges With Classifying Pl...
    Geek - Apr 30, 05:25 PM
Suffice it to say, the internet had a pretty intense reaction to this very first trailer for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Specifically fans of the game (and people who just generally […] The post At Last, the Live-Action ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Is Here!...
    Geek - Apr 30, 04:18 PM
Initially introduced by Mattel after their attempt to secure the Star Wars license fell through, Masters of the Universe were one of the biggest toy successes of the 1980s, boasting a seemingly endless […] The post Toy Tuesday: The Most Powerful ‘He-Man’ Toys appeared first...
    Geek - Apr 30, 04:00 PM
Burger King will reportedly roll out its Impossible Whopper—the vegetarian twist on a fast food classic—to locations across the nation this year. This month’s trial run in St. Louis went “exceedingly well,” a […] The post ‘Impossible Whopper’ Coming Soon to All U.S. BK...
    Geek - Apr 30, 03:53 PM
Scientists recreated the head of an ancient dog using forensic technology typically reserved for humans. A reconstruction, commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland (HES), relied on CT scans and 3D printing to visualize a […] The post Visit Scotland to See a...
    Geek - Apr 30, 03:29 PM
“Hacking” is a long-standing tradition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But MIT’s hackers don’t hide behind a computer screen: Rather, they are pranksters, tricksters, and creative inventors responsible for some of the […] The post MIT ‘Hackers’ Transform Great...
    Geek - Apr 30, 01:54 PM
Hola, Alexa: Amazon this week launched a new voice model that lets developers build skills for Spanish-speaking users. Initially available to participants of the Alexa Preview program, the new feature will roll out […] The post Amazon’s Alexa Will Speak Spanish in the US...
    Geek - Apr 30, 12:33 PM
SpaceX is preparing to send the Falcon Heavy back to space soon, and this time, it will launch 23 satellites to orbit. Following its first commercial mission, the company conducted a static fire […] The post SpaceX Conducts Static Fire Test for Falcon Heavy Megarocket Core...
    Geek - Apr 30, 04:10 AM
Everyone’s talking about Serial Box Publishing. Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Now it’s easier than ever as you can purchase one of their online story bundles for just […] The post Serial Box Deal: Get 50 Percent Off Episodic Story Bundles appeared first on...
    Geek - Apr 30, 03:53 AM
Monday April 29, 2019. 11:45 PM
U.K. police are investigating a fire that occurred in Ashdown Forest, a lush green area that inspired Winnie the Pooh’s fictional home the “Hundred Acre Wood.” On April 28, at approximately 9:30 p.m., […] The post Winnie the Pooh’s Real-Life ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ Forest Goes...
    Geek - Apr 29, 11:45 PM
The Maryland man who was seen on video jumping off a marina in the Florida Keys to tackle a pelican (and then went on to brag about the stunt) in March was sentenced […] The post Man Seen on Video Tackling a Pelican in Florida Gets 90 Days in Jail appeared first on
    Geek - Apr 29, 11:10 PM
Astronomers have spotted wobbly jets of particles shooting out from a black hole, and they believe that this strange motion could be happening because the black hole’s strong gravitational pull is dragging space […] The post This Black Hole’s Jets Are Wobbling Fast Because...
    Geek - Apr 29, 10:25 PM
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