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Tuesday June 25, 2019. 06:11 PM
If you’re shopping for an EV right now, you’ve got a lot of great options. One of the newest is the Lightyear One, which stands out for one big reason. It’s solar powered. […] The post For $170,000 You Can Buy Your Very Own Solar Car appeared first on
    Geek - Jun 25, 06:11 PM
He thought it was a result of the Sony hack.
For years, companies like Oracle and IBM invested heavily to build new markets in China for their industry-leading databases. Now, boosted in part by escalating U.S. tensions, one Chinese upstart is stepping in, winning over tech giants, startups and financial institutions...
Can I swap out the card? Then fsck the upgrade A dip in the Chinese economy and consumers exploiting lower-priced GPUs to upgrade rather than replace their desktop rigs has led to slowdown in sales of gaming systems.…
In case the regular kind of plastic pollution seen on land and in the sea is not concerning enough, a new form of pollution has founds its way to rocks. Researchers have discovered a […] The post Weird ‘Plasticrust’ Caused by Pollution Forms on Portuguese Island appeared...
    Geek - Jun 25, 05:48 PM
Three Expedition 59 astronauts safely returned to Earth after spending 204 days at the International Space Station (ISS). On June 24, NASA astronaut Anne McClain, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko touched...
    Geek - Jun 25, 05:45 PM
Enlarge / Mario? Who is Mario? My name is Infringio, and I'm a completely original character. (credit: Inferno Plus) Web-based game Mario Royale attracted quite a bit of attention last week by taking Nintendo's well-known mascot and placing him next to 74 other...
First rule of FightCamp, we don’t talk about FightCamp. Okay thanks for reading bye! But for real boxing is one of your best bets when it comes to getting a total workout. After […] The post Geek Pick: FightCamp Is a Smarter Way to Punch appeared first on
    Geek - Jun 25, 05:32 PM
Two US senators have proposed a bill in Congress to force tech companies to disclose what data they collect about their users and how it is being leveraged by the platform for profit. From a report: Named the Designing Accounting Safeguards to Help Broaden Oversight And...
As more and more apps and data move to the cloud, identifying and ranking threats becomes an increasingly difficult task. Machine data analytics platform Sumo Logic is launching a new Global Intelligence Service for Amazon GuardDuty that delivers almost real-time actionable...
The third season of Netflix’s breakthrough retro horror hit Stranger Things is about to drop for your bingeing pleasure. It’s fair to say this is the biggest original show the streaming service has […] The post Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Toys appeared first on...
    Geek - Jun 25, 05:00 PM
I'm a volunteer on the board of The Metabrainz Foundation, the nonprofit that maintains the Metabrainz service that produces accurate metadata on music that helps listeners locate the music they love and musicians and services accurately allocate revenues from online...
Best before end? Who reads those things anyway? Date formatting is one of the many banes of a programmer's existence. Pity, therefore, the Tesco customer presented with a date in the Julian format.…
Hackers broke into the systems of more than a dozen global telecom firms and stole huge amounts of data in a seven-year spying campaign, researchers from a cyber security company said, identifying links to previous Chinese cyber-espionage activities. From a report:...
Stable kernels 5.1.15, 4.19.56, and 4.14.130 have been released. The all contain important fixes and users should upgrade.
In The Next Generation of Deep Learning Hardware: Analog Computing *Sci-Hub mirror), a trio of IBM researchers discuss how new materials could allow them to build analog computers that vastly improved the energy/computing efficiency in training machine-learning networks. ...
Security updates have been issued by CentOS (python), Debian (bzip2, libvirt, python2.7, python3.4, rdesktop, and thunderbird), Fedora (thunderbird and tomcat), openSUSE (aubio, docker, enigmail, GraphicsMagick, and python-Jinja2), SUSE (kernel, libvirt, postgresql96, and...
After four years in development, Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally available to the public. It’s surreal, especially for someone like myself who has watched and covered the title since […] The post Review: ‘Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’ Is...
    Geek - Jun 25, 04:20 PM
Identity specialist Ping identity is announcing an update to its PingOne for Customers IDaaS solution that means developers can now deliver passwordless and advanced multi-factor authentication from custom mobile applications. Enhancements include a mobile SDK that allows...
The security firm Cybereason says that it has identified a likely state-sponsored attack on ten global mobile phone networks that they have attributed to 'the Chinese-affiliated threat actor APT10,' which has been 'underway for years.' According to Cybereason, the...
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