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Saturday March 2, 2019. 02:00 AM
A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a valuable addition to your online security arsenal. VPNs funnel all of your browsing through an encrypted tunnel, hiding your location, browsing history, and personal information. […] The post This VPN and Firewall Combo Keeps Your...
    Geek - Mar 2, 02:00 AM
Captain Marvel is taking fans back to the ’90s with its new Magic Eye-style posters. On Thursday, Captain Marvel teased the posters on Twitter, which show Carol Danvers and company with the trippy, colorful images. […] The post ‘Captain Marvel’ Channels the ’90s With...
    Geek - Mar 2, 01:03 AM
Two four-year-old children have been identified as semi-identical twins, and they’re the only second set ever reported worldwide, according to Australian doctors. The boy and girl are identical on their mother’s side and […] The post Doctors Identify Rare Pair of...
    Geek - Mar 2, 12:03 AM
Friday March 1, 2019. 10:05 PM
Last week, a large sunfish randomly washed up on a California Beach. Now, scientists have determined that this strange-looking creature is actually a species that has never been seen in North America before. […] The post Rare Giant Sunfish Mysteriously Washes Up on...
    Geek - Mar 1, 10:05 PM
An Emirati sheikh just teased the ultimate ride on social media: Feast your eyes on the “monster SUV,” a giant 10-wheeled vehicle that makes the average car look like an ant. Sheikh Hamad […] The post UAE Sheikh Unveils ‘Monster SUV’ Built From a Jeep and a Military Truck...
    Geek - Mar 1, 08:14 PM
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Capcom’s Devil May Cry series has such a rich, elaborate lore. It did originally start off as a Resident Evil experiment and those games are basically […] The post Final ‘Devil May Cry 5’ Trailer Spoils the Whole Game appeared first...
    Geek - Mar 1, 07:42 PM
The Search for Spock is over, but we won’t be getting a Voyage Home anytime soon. After wrapping things up on Kaminar lst week, Burnham takes some personal leave that’s sure to be […] The post ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: A Brief Future of Time appeared...
    Geek - Mar 1, 07:29 PM
YouTube is taking action against the creepy “Momo Challenge” hoax: The video-sharing website isn’t running ads on videos about the eerie game, because they don’t comply with its content regulations. This week, the […] The post YouTube Is Not Running Ads on ‘Momo Challenge’...
    Geek - Mar 1, 05:58 PM
2019 is set to be a real trip for Pokemon fans. We recently learned about Pokemon Sword and Shield, the next entries in the core RPG series. Normally a new generation is exciting […] The post ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’ Remake Is Another Terrifying Pokemon Movie appeared first ...
    Geek - Mar 1, 05:11 PM
Alcatraz holds many forgotten secrets, but one has been discovered: High-tech radar and laser scans have uncovered a hidden military traverse underneath the infamous penitentiary, according to new research. A team of researchers […] The post Laser Scans Uncover Hidden...
    Geek - Mar 1, 04:39 PM
A new Hellboy trailer is out and it unveils more f-bombs, gruesome creatures, and the Blood Queen’s violent plan to make the fiery hero her king. On Thursday, Lionsgate Movies teased a second […] The post New ‘Hellboy’ Trailer Unleashes the Blood Queen’s Gory Mission...
    Geek - Mar 1, 04:33 PM
It’s been a long two weeks with no Riverdale. I know I call this show trash all the time, but I need this trash in my life. There are plenty of teen dramas out […] The post ‘Riverdale’ Season 3, Episode 13 Recap: $5,000 Archie appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 1, 04:21 PM
It’s not just enough to consume content on the internet these days, you also have to create it. And whether you’re livestreaming yourself playing a video game, recording a true crime podcast, or […] The post Geek Pick: Blue Snowball Ice Microphone appeared first on Geek.c
    Geek - Mar 1, 04:00 PM
Scientists in China are giving mice infrared vision. A single injection of nanoparticles in the rodents’ eyes bestowed infrared vision with “minimal” side effects. For up to 10 weeks at a time, mice […] The post Nanotechnology Gives Mice Night Vision—Are Humans Next?...
    Geek - Mar 1, 03:29 PM
If you’re a fan of retro games, then you’re no doubt familiar with 8BitDo. For years, the company has made a name for itself by producing exceptional NES and SNES-inspired wireless controllers. As […] The post 8BitDo’s M30 Gamepad Is the Ultimate Sega Genesis-Inspired...
    Geek - Mar 1, 03:26 PM
Toledo, Ohio, this week became the first U.S. city to grant legal rights to a lake. Voters on Tuesday recognized that Lake Erie—once declared “dead” by the media—has the right to “exist, flourish, […] The post U.S. City Grants Legal Rights to Great Lake appeared first on...
    Geek - Mar 1, 01:56 PM
Amazon is pulling out all the stops to support the environment. A week after announcing its goal to reach 50 percent carbon neutral shipments by 2030, the e-commerce giant launched a new delivery […] The post Amazon Lets Prime Members Choose Weekly Delivery Date appeared...
    Geek - Mar 1, 12:48 PM
Tesla is closing its brick-and-mortar stores so it can drop the starting price of the Model 3 to $35,000. The vehicle maker will shift worldwide sales online—first in North America, then globally—in an […] The post Tesla Shutters Stores So You Can Buy a Model 3 for $35K a...
    Geek - Mar 1, 11:41 AM
If you’re in the market for a new wireless charging station, then this is your perfect opportunity to score huge savings on the one that’s right for you. Each of these selections have […] The post Save Extra 15% Off on Wireless Chargers for Qi-Enabled Devices appeared...
    Geek - Mar 1, 02:45 AM
Pennywise is coming to terrorize your game night: IT-themed Clue and Monopoly board games will be available later this year. USAopoly, a major board game company, recently announced that the horror movie will […] The post ‘IT’-Themed ‘Clue’ and ‘Monopoly’ Are Coming for...
    Geek - Mar 1, 01:05 AM
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