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Tuesday March 5, 2019. 10:05 PM
Lil Bub, a celebrity cat with two million Instagram followers and an adorable book, is known for her distinctive features: big green eyes, a short snout, a pink tongue that hangs from her […] The post Lil Bub’s Genetics Reveal Key Clues About Her Unique Cat Features appeared...
    Geek - Mar 5, 10:05 PM
Video games, at least these days, really value immersion. They spend millions of dollars and countless hours of exploited labor to create the most realistic and detailed virtual environments for you to goof […] The post Noclip.Website Immerses You In Video Game Worlds...
    Geek - Mar 5, 09:29 PM
Most icebergs appear white or blue when floating in seawater, but since the early 1900s explorers and sailors have reported seeing peculiar green icebergs in certain parts of Antarctica. The strange green icebergs […] The post Scientists May Soon Solve Century-Old Mystery of...
    Geek - Mar 5, 09:26 PM
Normally I don’t think “Famous Actor X Wants To Play Famous Character Y” stories are that newsworthy because who wouldn’t want high-profile, high-paying work? But sometimes the pairing between actor and character is […] The post Cast Oscar Isaac in ‘Metal Gear Solid’ ...
    Geek - Mar 5, 08:38 PM
Move over, Samsung: Lego just teased its own “folding phone” that will give real mobile devices a run for their money. On Monday, Lego posted a new image for the Lego Fold, its […] The post Lego Pokes Fun at Samsung’s Foldable Phone With Its ‘Lego Fold’ Pop-Up Book appeared...
    Geek - Mar 5, 08:20 PM
We’ve seen the plot in more than one movie: An incoming asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and a brave team of heroes is launched into space to blow it up and save the planet. […] The post Asteroids Are Harder to Destroy Than Previously Thought, Scientists Find appeared...
    Geek - Mar 5, 06:49 PM
Forget winter, the Army of the Dead is coming. Game of Thrones’ Season 8 trailer is finally here and it teases a cold and brutal final showdown for the Iron Throne contenders, as […] The post ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Trailer Is a Chilling Final Fight for the Living...
    Geek - Mar 5, 05:37 PM
If there’s a single brand that has exploded in the 21st century toy industry, it’s Funko. Founded in 1998 as a producer of bobbleheads, they debuted the Pop! line in 2011 and have […] The post Toy Tuesday: The Best Funko Pops appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 5, 05:00 PM
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule carried some adorable cargo for its space trip last week: A “Zero-G Indicator,” also known as a squishy Celestial Buddies Earth plush. After making its “surprise” visit to the […] The post SpaceX’s Cute ‘Zero-G Indicator’ Sells Out After Space...
    Geek - Mar 5, 04:50 PM
There was once a time when big game releases only happened during the summer. That era has long since past, as evidenced by March’s slew of killer titles. I’m sure most of you […] The post These Are the Games You Should Check Out in March 2019 appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 5, 04:07 PM
Starting next year, all new Volvo cars will top out at 112 mph. The Swedish automaker hopes this change will send a “strong signal” about the dangers of speeding. “Volvo is a leader […] The post Volvo Highlights Speed Dangers by Limiting Cars’ MPH appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 5, 04:02 PM
Sometimes these ensemble CW shows can get a bit too overstuffed. When each character has their own separate story going on, some episodes don’t give all of them enough time to be satisfying. […] The post ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2, Episode 14: The Pierce Family Has a Day...
    Geek - Mar 5, 03:49 PM
The first time I read The New York Times‘ headline “Google Finds It’s Underpaying Many Men as It Addresses Wage Equity,” my brain autocorrected it to read “Women.” After all, when has a […] The post No, Google Isn’t Paying Men Less Than Women appeared first on
    Geek - Mar 5, 03:03 PM
A new study of the English definite article “the” proves that even the most mundane words can have powerful social and political impacts. Eric Acton, an assistant professor of linguistics at Eastern Michigan […] The post Study: Be Careful How You Use the Word ‘The’ appeared...
    Geek - Mar 5, 02:05 PM
Following a brief delay, NASA’s InSight lander broke ground on the surface of Mars last week. On Feb. 28, the German Aerospace Center’s (DLR) Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3) burrowed into […] The post InSight Probe ‘Pushes Aside’ Stone, Continues Hammering Mar...
    Geek - Mar 5, 12:38 PM
More than 25 years after The Sandlot hit theaters, the baseball gang is coming back as grown-ups: A Sandlot reboot TV series, which will feature the movie’s original cast, is in the works. […] The post ‘The Sandlot’ Is Coming Back as a TV Series With Original Cast Members...
    Geek - Mar 5, 12:17 AM
Only in Florida? A monster alligator was captured on camera Saturday taking a casual stroll in the community of The Villages in Florida. Jacob Scher and his father, Marc Scher, were out playing […] The post Watch: Monster Alligator Casually Takes a Stroll in Florida...
    Geek - Mar 5, 12:01 AM
Monday March 4, 2019. 11:30 PM
Fortnite, unsurprisingly, raked in about a billion dollars last year. Want a piece of that action? Then learn how to make your own similarly styled game with the Build a Battle Royale with […] The post How to Create a ‘Fortnite’-Style Game From Scratch for Only $10 appeared...
    Geek - Mar 4, 11:30 PM
Mercedes-Benz just unveiled its first all-electric racecar, the EQ Silver Arrow 01: The high-tech vehicle will be used by the automobile company to compete in the EV racing series Formula E starting at […] The post Mercedes-Benz Debuts Its First EQ Silver Arrow 01 Formula-E...
    Geek - Mar 4, 11:22 PM
Human activity is expected to put up to 1,700 species of amphibians, birds, amphibians, and mammals at greater extinction risk by 2070 by shrinking their natural habitats, according to a new study. Ecologists […] The post 1,700 Animal Species Will Face Increased Risk in...
    Geek - Mar 4, 11:16 PM
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