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High Output Batteries for Flying Cars

Thursday October 14, 2021. 03:51 AM , from Akihabara News
Akihabara News (Tokyo) — Tokyo-based Enax has developed a lithium-ion battery specially designed for eVTOL (flying cars).

The proportion of silicon in these batteries used for the negative electrode has been increased to about 80%, which is more than 2.5 times more than that of conventional lithium-ion batteries.

In terms of performance, this allows for the higher output needed during takeoff and landing, and it also increases flight times.

Enax plans to offer its eVTOL batteries commercially from next year, and hopes to quickly achieve brisk sales.

Most eVTOL under development, as the name suggests, are expected to run entirely on battery power, though some–such as those being designed by Honda–will have hybrid engines, at least at the outset.

Following the release of its specialized eVTOL batteries, Enax plans to produce other batteries designed for use in large drones, electric vehicles, railways, and airplanes.

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