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Metro Exodus review: Finding humanity in a post-nuclear hellscape

Wednesday February 13, 2019. 04:00 PM , from PC World
In Metro Exodus, you learn to appreciate silence. It’s unnerving, at first, the dead stillness of a post-nuclear hellscape. Soon you come around to it though, because silence means—for a brief moment, at least—nothing is trying to kill you. Nobody is yelling “He’s over there!” and no one is shooting at you. You’re not being mauled by mindless ghouls. Demons don’t circle above you, diving down to scratch at your face. You’re not drowning, or on fire, or choking on poisonous fumes, or bleeding out on the sand.Silence means safety. And in Metro Exodus safety is a rare blessing, punctuated by the beep of your makeshift motion detector picking up a new den of horrors.To read this article in full, please click here
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