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Hands-on: GTFO blends Payday's ultra-hard team tactics with a horrific sense of inevitable doom

Thursday August 30, 2018. 09:00 PM , from PC World
It doesn’t take long to die in GTFO. Miles belowground, in some sort of dark and abandoned mine, monsters stir. You can hear them as you draw close to every blind corner and sealed door, the telltale hiss and rattle of unnatural breathing. It’s a sound that signals impending doom.But you’ve been sent down to this dark hell for some unknown reason, and you’ll be damned if you’re leaving until you’ve found...whatever it is you’re presumably looking for. Better hope your friends can watch your back.Down in the underground
GTFO is the debut game from 10 Chambers Collective, a team made up of Payday vets—and it’s obvious. Like its spiritual predecessor, GTFO is a cooperative four-player shooter, heavy on tactics. But where Payday looked to heists for inspiration, GTFO draws on horror tropes. You and your crew are trapped underground with too few bullets, too many enemies, and only a vague sense where to go.To read this article in full, please click here
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