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Scoring Synths - A "Worldized" Synth Project - COMING SOON!

Thursday January 18, 2018. 03:03 PM , from Gearslutz
Hey Slutz! I'm proud to introduce my upcoming sample library project Scoring Synths. Please give the teaser trailer a watch and let me know if you have any questions. The music in the teaser was created entirely with Scoring Synths with the exception of the violins. Set to release early next month. rockout


We embarked upon a six month long journey to fill what we believe is a void in today's synth and sample library market. Scoring Synths is the exciting end product of recording two of the most iconic synthesizers in the world, reamping or "worldizing" them into one of the best sounding live rooms in the U.S., and re-recording them with an array of priceless vintage microphones. From the synths themselves, to the converters, preamps, mastering loudspeakers, mics and scoring stage, not a single sonic compromise was made in the process of creating this powerful new tool. Scoring Synths truly is the first sample library of its kind.


When choosing a venue for Scoring Synths, it was important to find a room with rich, yet controlled acoustics. After considering several different studio spaces, we chose the world famous Ocean Way Studio A in Nashville, TN -- a room that is origin to countless albums and orchestral film scores. We had the privilege of working with the very talented Nick Spezia, whose engineering credits include The Last Witch Hunter, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Texas Rising. Nick's familiarity with the studio and extensive experience recording orchestras made him the perfect choice for this project.


No expenses were spared: Classic Synth A ("Model D") and it's contemporary relative Synth B ("S-37") comprise the epitome of bold, pugnacious bass tones and classic analogue warmth. We shipped in a pair of ATC 150 ASL Pro loudspeakers to ensure the best possible conveyance of the original source material, and recorded through a custom 80-input, 64-monitor, all discrete Neve 8078 console.

A wide array of mics were employed, including a hand picked set of priceless Neumann M50s for the decca tree, DPA 4006-As for the surrounds, B&K 4006s for the wides, MKH 100s for the mid room and rear surrounds, and a Neumann U67 up close. Together, these captured the full sonic landscape of the room, and allow for maximum control of stage positioning come mix time.


• 120,000 Samples - 75 GB Installed
• Kontakt 5 Full Required
• 100 + Unique Patches
• Up to 17 Round Robbin and 7 True Filter Layers
• 48khz WAV, Stereo
• 8 Mic Positions


• Minimal Design
• Mic Mixer - Pan, Phase, and High Pass Controls
• Mono/Poly Mode - Note Priority, Glide and Legato
• ADSR - Level and Low Pass Filter
• Fine Tune - Midi Transpose - Velocity (Dynamics) - Spread
• Arpeggiator
• Polystep

Audio Ollie Sketchbook

Tech Demos

Walkthrough Videos

Overview/GUI/The Basics

VLOG - The Concept


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