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Beesneez Microphones Lulu Tube KM54 Style Tube SDC

Thursday August 10, 2017. 05:12 AM , from Gearslutz
We are happy to announce the release of the Lulu Tube SDC Microphone.

For almost a decade, our LuLu Fet small diaphragm microphones have been a mainstay and goto for thousands of studio owners worldwide. From Cowboys and Aliens to the Fox Newman Scoring Stage, the LuLu has been trusted to capture the human voice, a variety of instruments and sound effects in a natural way, without the hype, grit and spitty nature of so many mics made today.

Our philosiphy with the LuLu was simple. Make a mic that sounds natural, believable and real. Our benchmark for the LuLu Fet mic was the Neumann KM84. If we could manufacture a microphone that sounded as good as the KM84, we knew that this microphone would be appreciated by all that listened to it. We were successful in our efforts and the LuLu FET is now the goto mic for real, un-hyped audio capture.

After much Research and Development, we now have manufactured the LuLu Tube Microphone. The benchmark for this mic was the Neumann KM54 Microphone. Like the LuLu Fet microphone, we wanted to capture realistic, un-hyped sound. We also wanted to add to this, the smooth and harmonically rich sound of tube based electronics.

The LuLu Tube Small diaphragm Condenser Microphone reacts to a sound in a forgiving and almost human manner. The replication is immaculate and the warmth is unmistakable. The LuLu Tube Microphone sets a new standard in a market that is saturated with rebranded OEM Microphones.

If you are a LuLu fet owner, you will absolutely love the Lulu Tube, with its nos 1960's 5784wb tube. It will be a great addition to your mic cabinet and has not been deigned to replace your LuLu Fet mics but rather to compliment them. Now you have a mic with the same frequency reponse as your Lulu fet mics but with the added beauty and girth of a tube microphone.

All Lulu Tube Microphone Pairs ship with two Beesneez Power Supplies and Shock Mounts with the microphones neatly packaged in a wooden case.

You may notice that there is a pattern switch on the front of the Power Supply, this is not active for the Lulu Tube. We have done this so that the supply is interchangable with any other Beesneez PSU that you have. Many Beesneez owners love using just one PSU with all of our products. So now you can add single microphones to your locker without having to purchase another PSU.

These can also be purchased individually by existing Beesneez Microphones customers who have a Beesneez PSU, for a significant discount.

The introductory prices are as follows:
The whole package (two microphones with two PSU's) $1499aud

Pair without PSU (exisiting customer) [COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"][COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]$1000[/COLOR] [/COLOR]

Single without PSU (exisiting customer) [COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]$500aud [/COLOR]

Thanks, Ben and Veronica

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