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Making Sounds With Ragnarök

Saturday December 24, 2016. 06:52 PM , from Audiotuts+
What You'll Be CreatingAbout the SynthRagnarök is a VST synth if a custom made synthesizer from the eighties. The code is written in C++ code for high performance. The plugin is a collaboration between Hans Peter, for concept, graphics, user manual, and Björn Arlt for programming.Overview of the Ragnarök synthThe synth features:64 voices polyphony with portamentoband-limited oscillator bank with multiple voiceswhite noise generatormulti-pole filter2 envelopesLFOoverdrivegraphic equalizerdouble precision processingMIDI controlcustomizable skins32 and 64 bits versions for WindowsProject SettingsI set the tempo to 90 BPM, with 4/4 rhythm signature. I'm using C-minor scale.Project WorkflowI started with programming the bass notes and synth, then created the mid range sound, then fx and finally the drums.Using the SynthI started each sound with the Initialize preset, then set up the oscillators, filters and envelopes. Finally I programmed overdrive and EQ.BassesFor the first bass sound I used the notes F0, G#0, A#0, C0, D#1.Bass C1 patchSettings:oscillator square, 8 + 4 + 2cutoff 50%filter LP 24 dBfilter envelope zero for eachvolume envelope zero for each and 100% sustainoverdrive 27% Notes for the second bass is C0 with eight notes.Settings:oscillator square, 4cutoff 55%filter LP 24 dBfilter envelope zero for eachvolume envelope zero for each and 20% decayoverdrive 100%Lead C3I programmed the notes C, D# and D.I used a Pulse 8 wave for the main leadSettings:oscillator pulse, 8cutoff 100%filter LP 24 dBfilter envelope zero for eachvolume envelope zero for each and 100% sustainEffects:Ping Pong Delay, 1.5 kHz frequency, 2.89 bandwidth, 50% feedback, 50% dry wetEQ Eight, 200 Hz low cut, 2.2 kHz +3 dB shelving boostLead C5I'm using the notes C5, C6 for this lead.Settings:oscillator pulse, 8cutoff 100%filter LP 24 dBfilter envelope zero for eachvolume envelope zero for each and 100% sustainportamento 33% for bending the pitchEffects:Saturator, 15 dB drive, Hard curve, 10 base, 1 kHz frequency, 61% width, -4.5 depth, -17 dB out, 100% dry wet, color onOverdrive, 2.6 kHz frequency, 3.4 bandwith, 85% drive, 78% tone, 50% dynamics, 49% dry wetPing Pong Delay, 1.9 kHz frequency, 3.4 bandwidth, 75% feedback, 37% dry wet Utility, -3.8 dB volumePad C3For the pad I used the notes F3, D#3, D3, C3, A#3, G#3 and G3.I also used a Chord midi plugin with an added voice -12 semitones apart from the source.Settings:oscillator pulse, 4cutoff 50%filter LP 18 dBfilter envelope 40% attack, 50% decay, 35% sustain, 55% releasevolume envelope 50% attack, 50% decay, 100% sustain, 50% releaseoverdrive 17%Effects:Flanger, 24% dry wet, 1 ms delay time, 0.6 feedback, 100 Hz high passSimple Delay, 4 left sync, 6 right sync, 24% feedback, 50% dry wetCompressor, -28 dB threshold, 2:1 ratio, attack default, release defaultReverb, 100 size, 2.1 sec decay time, 2 dB reflect, 2 dB diffuse, 44% dry wet, high quality Tiny C3I programmed the last mid synth sound with a square oscillator.Settings:oscillator square, 2cutoff 55%filter LP 24 dBfilter envelope zero for allvolume envelope zero for all, except for 30% decayoverdrive 100% Effects:Utility, +5 dB boostReverb, 2.5 size, 2.8 sec decay time, 3.6 dB reflect, 2.7 dB diffuse, 33% dry wet, high quality FxThis is a white noise with a tonal part.The Fx sound has white noise and tonal part as wellSettings:oscillator noise and square 8, pulse, 16 and 8interval 16 and 8multi voice 16cutoff 25%filter LP 18 dBfilter envelope zero for all, except for 50% decay and releasevolume envelope 0% attack, 0% decay, 100% sustain, 40% releaseoverdrive 90%Effects:Resonators, 50% dry wetReverb, 1.4 size, 1.2 sec decay time, 2.1 dB reflect, 2.2 dB diffuse, 49% dry wet, high qualityOverdrive, default settings, except for 11% dry wetDrumsI used a kick loop for kicks and three top loops. For the top loops I removed the low end with EQ Three (the bass kill switch button).MixingI created four groups for each category type. On the drums I put a Limiter to catch peaks. For bass I used sidechain Compression fed from the kick and cut the kick frequency with EQ. For mids and fx I removed the low end. Groups:drums: Limiterbass: Compressor, EQ Eightmids: EQ Eightfx: EQ EightMasteringFor finalising the track I checked mono compatibility with the Utility width set to 0% then changed back to 100%. After that I made a low cut at 40 Hz in the mids and a 250 Hz low cut in the sides (mid-side mode), then used a default Limiter to catch peaks.For mastering I used mainly EQ and Limiter with some subtle settingsI already mixed with high volume levels so I didn't need to boost with the Limiter input level. Effects chain:UtilityEQ EightLimiterExportI used these setting for rendering the music:WAV file type44100 Hz sample rate24 bits bit depthTriangular ditheringNormalize turned OffBasic settings for exporting the master trackSummaryIn this tutorial I showed you how to create a song using only the Ragnarök VST plugin. I demonstrated the creation of several groups of instruments starting with bass and ending with drums. I recorded the MIDI notes using my two octave MIDI keyboard. I progressed step by step one layer at a time.Ragnarök isn't the most versatile synth, but it has a unique sound and you can use it quickly for everyday synth sounds like leads and basses.
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