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Introducing Drumforge

Wednesday June 25, 2014. 02:24 AM , from Gearslutz
"Drumforge" Modular Sample Library Available Now, Features Over 50 Unique Drum Instruments

Watch "Drumforge: The Story"


June 24, 2014 - Drumforge, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive drum & cymbal sample libraries every developed is available now from award-winning producer Joey Sturgis and fellow producers Joel Wanasek and Joe Wohlitz.

Drumforge features over 50 different drum instruments and is one of the first drum sample libraries that allows you to create cross-genre drum tones using a fully automatable multi-mic fader system. The microphones have been put in interesting positions and processed creatively to provide you with a wide variety of tonal options.

You can purchase drums separately as modular digital downloads or get them all with the Drumforge I Pack! The online store also offers various combinations of drum instruments bundled together at a discount.

This sample library includes:
- Unique multi-mic fader system allowing you to blend multiple close and far microphones to create tones you'd never get with other drum software!
- 10 Kicks, 23 Snares, 9 sets of Toms, 6 Crash Cymbals, 2 sets of Hi Hats, 2 Crash Ride Cymbals, 1 Ride Cymbal, 2 China Cymbals, and 1 Splash Cymbal
- Unprocessed and processed versions of each drum
- Wav Files of all multi-samples and velocity layers from each microphone
Trigger, Drumagog, and Kontakt instrument formats
- Fully automatable multi-mic fader system for blending and crafting unique drum sounds custom built for Kontakt
- Detailed and highly informative manual

From The Developers:

“Drumforge is a revolutionary new approach to drum sampling that enables people to be more creative and expressive with drum tone by providing an innovative platform for crafting drum sounds in your music. Imagine having such a flexible palette of sounds that allows you to transcend any genre without having to reach for another compressor or equalizer.” - Joel Wanasek

“This library has changed the way I look at mixing drums forever. Not only do I have these great sounds to start with, but now there’s a user friendly system for interacting with multiple microphone setups to help me create more than one tone out of each drum. Unlike other drum instruments, Drumforge has multiple close and far microphones to blend from using our custom mic mixer. For example, you could blend a D6 with a RE20 to form a punchier kick sound that you could never get from a single microphone. The possibilities are endless, and with our à la carte store setup, you’ll be able to own only the drums you want to have!” - Joey Sturgis

“There’s something for everyone in this package. In addition to this incredibly diverse library, we are offering the raw, unmixed samples to even further enhance your artistic expression. This gives you an amazing amount of control and flexibility in the music making process. It enables you to create music even easier.” - Joe Wohlitz

User Testimonials:

“I've used many of the drum instruments out there and always end up utilizing bits of each one like a kick from here or a snare from there. It always ends up getting complicated. Drumforge is the one stop shop for great mix ready drum sounds, and the mixer is extremely tweakable. The answer to running one plugin for my whole kit is here!” - Andy Reilly - Producer/Mixer (Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Asia)

“These are killer samples and I'm loving the amazing versatility to intuitively mix with the various mics on each drum with ease. I'm never micing up a real drum set ever again!” - Oh, Hush! - Song Writer (Cee Lo, Jason Derulo, Loreen)

“I have been recording live drums in great rooms for over 20 years. These samples sound amazing! I would use these samples all day long on any of my sessions.” - Dan Malsch - Producer/Mixer (Motionless in White, Tantric, Framing Hanley)

More information:

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