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Friday November 17, 2017. 08:00 AM
While 2017 isn’t over, Time magazine has already published the list of its “25 Best Inventions of 2017.” Now you’ve probably read about this already, but a little explanation is in store. So after the iPhone X was first announced, the critics lambasted Apple for being late...
Thursday November 16, 2017. 08:00 AM
When I featured author Bob LeVitus on The Tech Night Owl LIVE last week, he volunteered that he still hasn’t decided whether to keep his newly-acquired iPhone X. Some of the eccentricities in its design, such as the “notch,” and the wider aspect radio (19.5:9 compared to the...
Wednesday November 15, 2017. 08:00 AM
While doing a ride sharing run a few weeks back, I met a sales person who worked at a local authorized Verizon Wireless dealer. I had been considering my options about whether to switch carriers, and this was an ideal time to ask a few questions. I explained my pricing plan, ...
Tuesday November 14, 2017. 08:00 AM
For as long as Apple has been selling hundreds of millions of iPhones, it has always been compared to Samsung. That’s because Samsung sells more product than Apple, at least when it comes to smartphones. They certainly don’t beat Apple with tablets and smartwatches. The...
Monday November 13, 2017. 08:00 AM
Consumer Reports magazine claims to be incorruptible because it buys all the products it tests and retail, and won’t allow companies to use its reviews in their advertising. On the surface, it all sounds credible. But I’ve long felt that its test results are often...
Friday November 10, 2017. 09:00 AM
Sponsored Message! Play online bingo at your own comfort zone from anywhere and at anytime on your mobile phones, tablets or PC. With the advancement in technology, you can now choose to play bingo just as you like it. In fact, online bingo is much better not only in respect ...
This has happened to most of you. You’re preparing dinner or are otherwise occupied. The phone rings, and perhaps the Caller ID indicates a company with which you’re familiar. But when you answer your phone, it’s someone, a stranger, live or recorded, with a bogus offer for...
Thursday November 9, 2017. 08:00 AM
After building a business on DVD rentals, Netflix got involved in streaming content direct to you. Certainly the Apple TV was a pioneer in being able to deliver such content to your set. I’ll avoid, for the moment, the current generation and the previous one, since I’m not...
Wednesday November 8, 2017. 08:00 AM
It’s easy to forget when PC market surveys get it all wrong. The facts are simply ignored, as follow-up stories pretend it never happened. So early in October, both Gartner and IDC released surveys of global PC sales. According to IDC, Mac sales totaled 4,901,000,...
Tuesday November 7, 2017. 08:00 AM
For the past few years, Apple has been regarded as essentially a one-product company, because more than half of its revenue is generated by the iPhone. The theory does that, if iPhone sales tank, or start to erode, the company is in deep trouble, very deep. The impression...
Monday November 6, 2017. 08:00 AM
So let’s just look at the conventional wisdom that prevailed ahead of Apple’s release, last week, of its financials for the quarter ending September 2017. As usual, industry and financial analysts delivered their estimates, but there were some assumptions that different...
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