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Thursday October 5, 2017. 09:00 AM
At one time, a new version of macOS might have been a huge deal. Apple would announce over 200 new features, and you could always depend on having lots of changes. Some visual, some under the hood. With OS X, Apple would deliver major changes in each release before adopting...
Wednesday October 4, 2017. 09:00 AM
So let’s put this all together now: Apple allegedly sells higher-priced gear than the competition, yet puts significant restrictions on the use of these devices. You have to accept Apple’s ecosystem — make that walled garden — in order to buy Apple. It may, to some...
Tuesday October 3, 2017. 09:00 AM
Lest we forget, the iPhone X hasn’t shipped yet. Although the media had brief exposures to it at September’s Apple event — and perhaps a few selected tech journalists are quietly reviewing them — it’s not on sale. Even when it ships on November 3rd, rumors state that...
Monday October 2, 2017. 10:00 AM
Dear Reader: I recently turned 72. I have worked long and hard for over 55 years to earn my keep. The Night Owl continues to suffer from a severe financial crisis. If anything I’ve ever done has ever made a positive difference to you, please help me survive and get past...
After I wrote a piece about the latest effort to push antivirus software onto the storage devices of Mac users, I came across another story about security, only this one appears to be dealing with a factual issue. But even then the fears may be overblown, and what about...
Friday September 29, 2017. 09:00 AM
In the old days of the Mac, back in the 1980s and 1990s, the suggestion that they were immune to computer viruses would have been laughed at. It wasn’t nearly as bad as on the Windows platform, but you definitely needed to run antivirus software. I learned that lesson the...
Thursday September 28, 2017. 09:00 AM
You can’t possibly imagine the potential tragedy. With great fanfare, Apple introduces two new lines of iPhones. The first, the iPhone 8, is essentially an iterative update to the iPhone 7 with a glass backing and the usual faster parts. You almost think that, from here on,...
Wednesday September 27, 2017. 09:00 AM
When it comes to Android handsets, Samsung rules the roost, selling the most hardware. In fact, Samsung is the market leader among smartphones, except for one little thing. No single model line outsells the iPhone, not even the Galaxy. Apple maintains the leadership not only ...
Tuesday September 26, 2017. 09:00 AM
Are you ready yet? The iPhone X will arrive in a few weeks, and Apple is doomed to suffer for its ill-advised decision to build an expensive smartphone. What self-respecting company would dare engage in such foolishness. It has to be doomed to disaster. According to one...
Monday September 25, 2017. 09:00 AM
The entertainment industry has given us one thing, and sort of taken away something else, and it all begins with the fifth generation Apple TV, which adds 4K and HDR as its main new features. So as the new set-top box shipped, Apple announced an important change to the...
Friday September 22, 2017. 09:00 AM
The length and breadth of fear mongering about Apple knows no bounds. So on one day they are telling you that you shouldn’t even dream of buying the iPhone X because it is a new, untested product. Things might go wrong, Face ID might flake out and recognize canines instead...
Thursday September 21, 2017. 09:00 AM
From the earliest days of the Mac, Macworld magazine chronicled its history. The print publication hit the newsstands in 1984, same year as the original Macintosh personal computer, and kept going for some 30 years, until management decided it was time to go all digital....
Wednesday September 20, 2017. 09:00 AM
As promised, Apple released three of its four operating systems on Tuesday. macOS High Sierra will arrive on Monday, September 25th, but I’ll get to that shortly. Both tvOS 11, for the fourth-generation Apple TV, and watchOS 4, for the Apple Watch, have minor improvements....
Tuesday September 19, 2017. 09:00 AM
The entire American marketing scheme for selling mobile handsets received its overdue overhaul via T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” program. Instead of being stuck with a two-year contract, they basically separated the device from the service. Well, I suppose it seemed different...
Monday September 18, 2017. 09:00 AM
You may have noticed that, whenever new gear is expected from Samsung, say an update to the Galaxy smartphone line, it will often be touted as yet another iPhone killer. Well, except for one blog from a major publication in which the writer claimed that the iPhone X was...
Friday September 15, 2017. 09:00 AM
In the run-up ahead of Apple’s iPhone media event, news emerged that Touch ID wasn’t part of the picture on the iPhone X. Apple allegedly had problems outfitting the system to work beneath an edge-to-edge OLED display and all that, so they brought out their trump card — Fac...
Thursday September 14, 2017. 09:00 AM
The other day, I made some pointed comments about a certain national newspaper that ran a silly article about alternatives to the iPhone 8 before it was outed as the iPhone X. The argument was solely about buying something other than some — as yet — unannounced Apple...
Wednesday September 13, 2017. 09:00 AM
As you might expect, the Apple critic population will have its way with the announcements from the September 12th iPhone media event. How could it be otherwise? But there was plenty of positive news to consider, even if most of product introductions and specs were pretty...
Tuesday September 12, 2017. 09:00 AM
All things being equal, is it possible to skip Apple’s September 12th media event and still know everything that’s going to happen — or enough not to care about a few isolated details? You almost get that impression what with the torrent of leaks in recent days. Supposedly...
Monday September 11, 2017. 09:00 AM
Once again, let’s put all this in perspective: On Tuesday, September 12th, Apple will hold its annual iPhone bash, where new models are expected to be introduced. There may also be a third-generation Apple Watch with an optional LTE radio, and a fifth-generation Apple TV...
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